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July 6, 2022
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July 6, 2022

Each work holds a soul and a not reproducible appropriate history.

Julien Garcia Sculptures

Julien Garcia

Born in 1976 in Toulouse, Julien GARCIA lives and works in the attractive region of Chantilly.

The nature is the main source of his inspiration, especially animals. He tries in his sculptures to awaken the consciousnesses. He integrates a sort of « ecological » dimension into every stage of the process of creation to finally deliver a playful and amused message to the readers and the future generations.croco2

Each of his creations is original, unique and impossible to reproduce as the same, hand-made in a craft way because made of plastics mosaics. In this case, it is not an edited work way of art. Each work holds a soul and a not reproducible appropriate history.

In his will to make sensitize on the wasting of the ressources and the society of « overcomsumption », he uses only recycled plastics stemming from objects of the current life, and so joins in the course of the new realism.

Eternal child in the envy without limit to share, he gives us to see a universe between cartoon, movie, comic strip, sculpture, robotics and many more.

Julien GARCIA, warned businessman, also develops in his artistic approach of the special operations in partnership with galleries (luxury Negresco Hotel in Nice for example) and companies. So, he finally makes an interaction between the world of Art and the world of the Company, confidentially connected today.

His works are currently shown in France, Europe, United States and China.